Job search advice for graduates

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Every year, tens of thousands of graduates leave university in search employment. In an increasingly competitive job market, what can you do to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of securing your dream job?

Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Make sure your CV is flawless. Try to keep it concise and make it relevant to the role that you are applying for. You may need several copies of a CV that emphasise different skill areas.

2. Use social media to help you find a job. If you haven’t already done so, set yourself up a profile on LinkedIn. It’s effectively your online CV, so try to include as much information as possible about your experience. More and more recruiters are using this tool as a way of finding candidates. Also, be aware that anything that you post on social networking sites can be viewed by potential employers, so ensure it remains professional!

3. Register your CV on relevant online job boards. There are a plethora of online job boards out there, but finding two or three that are relevant to your skills and experience will make your job search less confusing and more focused. More generalist job boards include and whilst sites such as specialise in jobs in the IT sector.

4. Work experience. Even a week of unpaid work experience can set you apart from other applicants. Try to contact local employers to see if they are willing to let you help out at the same time as having an insight into their industry – who knows, it could even lead to a permanent job offer!

5. Be open-minded. So many graduates apply for training schemes offered by multi-national companies tailored specifically for graduates. Competition for places is fierce, so many are left disheartened. Don’t forget that there are also many SMEs who offer jobs for graduates and they can lead to equally rewarding careers.

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