CV writing for mature applicants

Older candidate

A CV (curriculum vitae) for the mature applicant presents special problems.

Ageism may be unattractive and may seem like a dated problem, but it is, arguably, present at all times and damaging when attempting to find a new job.  Whilst it is actually illegal for a recruiter/potential employer to even ask the question in both the UK and the USA, it is normal practice to so do in some markets – or, at least, it is normal practice at this time! Indeed, it is only since October 2006 that a new statute became law in the UK, proscribing ageism within the employment field.

  • Equally, any candidate applying for a position substantially lower than that previously held is likely to experience problems when so doing.  Whilst such an individual may consider that this situation allows an employer to get a bigger ‘bang for his buck’, it is likely that the recruiting manager may be a trifle wary of recruiting a new employer who is more experience/qualified than his boss! Individuals may easily find themselves in one or other, or both, of the above situations as a result of company resizing, return from overseas and so on.
  • Like it or not, ageism is with us. Despite your wealth of experience you may find it extraordinarily difficult to be considered for any meaningful role, whether equivalent to your earlier position(s) or in a more junior role.
  • If your CV remains similar to that which you have successfully used for the past … years then it is likely you are simply sabotaging your own efforts!  Your traditional approach will not work in this scenario.
  • Can we help?  Yes, we certainly can! 
  • We can take your CV and transform it into an impressive timeless document, one that will cause the phone to ring.
  • Does it work?  Yes!  We had one very senior client (around 60 years of age) who was getting nowhere, even with jobs he could have done blindfolded – we revamped his CV and the telephone ran five times the next week! 
  • Simply select the appropriate CV writing service and we can get your career moving again.

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