Young man writing first CV

Writing your first CV

If you are just out of school, college, university, whatever, the task of writing your first CV / resume might seem horribly daunting and is, without doubt, a difficult function to complete. But, it is what most potential employers will expect and, therefore, something that will have to be done.  Your CV, or curriculum vitae, … Read more »

first job - making application

Your first job

Experience and applications Increasingly, it is received wisdom that you will need work experience prior to applying for your first job, and that, particularly in the arts, this will probably have been unpaid.  The number of graduates has been rising sharply over the past few years, with employment competition becoming ever tougher, but do you … Read more »

Sending thank you letter after job interview

Thank you letters

When should you send a thank-you letter after an interview?  Simple … always! Never mind the circumstance, your interest, whatever, always send a thank-you letter, it is simply good manners.  It can also give you an advantage in a horribly competitive employment market.  Sending a thank-you letter puts your name in front of the employer … Read more »

Woman in a job interview with two interviewers

CV writing – action verbs

The best CVs (curriculum vitae) or resumes describe your career and accomplishments by means of action verbs, coupled with the benefit derived from specific actions. Each statement becomes a precise description of an action that produced the required result.  Ideally, of course, you should ensure that such examples of successful experience replicate, as far as … Read more »

Man and woman in a job interview with a CV

CV structure – a guide

Having collected, sorted and compiled your life history it is time to prepare the CV (curriculum vitae) or resume structure itself. This information is normally structured with the following elements. Contact information Summary Education Experience Interests Personal Information Your CV will be scanned for just a few seconds, one of dozens, or even hundreds.  At … Read more »